Bassology at Sea Alaska Cruise 2023August 26 – September 2
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NoteworthyBassology’s fail-proof method for knowing alllllll the notes on your instrument!

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Cuba 2023Havana & Trinidad
Feb. 11-19Roster Full & Enrollment Closed


BATW Cuba 2022 PICS



February 11-19, 2023

Another great trip!

Don’t miss Cuba 2023!

Havana, Trinidad & other locations, too!

Prices include 21 hours of Bassology Curriculum, a guest, and SO MUCH MORE!

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Bassology at Sea

Alaska Cruise 2023

August 26 – September 1

Custom rates and packages negotiated for you!  Friends and family, too!

19 hours of Bassology Curriculum, Private Lessons, a guest, and SO MUCH MORE!

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Bassology’s method to learn alllllll the notes on your instrument!

August 15 8:00 pm ET

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About Bassology Around the World

Bassology Around the World combines Anthony Wellington’s love of teaching music theory and its application with his love of travel to create exciting and innovative learning opportunites for his beloved students.  We cultivate friendships based on adventure, devotion to learning, personal growth, and a passion for music.

Bassology Around the World Team

Anthony Wellington has the best job in the world.  Tamatha Bechtel has the second best job in the world!  They both get to do what they love most for the people they like best all over the world.  

Anthony Wellington is an exceptional bass player and music educator who combines concepts of math, grammar, communication, athletics, psychology, philosophy, and common sense in to his world renowned Bassology curriculum.  He’s also fun, sometimes silly, an experienced traveler and an approachable, beloved teacher to bassists and other musicians around the world.

Tamatha Bechtel is the Bassology Director of Business Development, Bassology at Sea Cruise Director, a Certified Professional Life Coach, travel agent, and a Bassology student.  She’s also fun, adventurous, and a people-person who loves getting to know musicians and helping to make their dreams come true.


“Anthony has a diverse and interesting resume, making him very well known to bass players around the world, but he’s also one of the best clinicians we’ve ever known! Because of this, we’ve had him teach more clinics at Aguilar than anyone else. Everyone always leaves feeling educated and inspired, no matter their level of ability.”
Dave Avenius
Dave AveniusCEO Aguilar Amplification
Fodera guitars is incredibly honored to have Anthony as part of our roster of players and consider him to be one of the most comprehensive, insightful, and engaging clinicians today. Anthony has the unique ability to take some of the most complex elements of music theory and make it accessible and understandable to any level of musician. In addition, his level of committment and intentionality to his students are second to none.
I don’t know if I have ever encountered a bass educator as complete and comprehensive as Anthony Wellington. He has something to offer for any level of player, and his commitment to excellence is second to none.
Adam Nitti
Adam NittiAdamNittiMusic

Anthony Wellington has the ability to make complex musical concepts understandable. He is committed to sharing his vast knowledge and seeing bass students learn and grow.
Gerald Veasley
Gerald VeasleyGerald Veasley’s Bass Bootcamp
Our Bassology cruise was a real pleasure, a perfect mix of classes and cruising. We gained friends and memories for life which was such an amazing bonus. the opportunity to work with Anthony in such an intimate setting was something that will be cherished for a lifetime!
Igor & Beckie
Igor & BeckieBassology at Sea 2018 & 2019
A mentor is both teacher and instructor with the unique skill to bring the lesson home in a way that makes the student believe they can and will execute the lesson. Anthony Wellington embodies the mentorship role like no other. He has a special talent to deliver a message in a way that makes every student feel like he’s talking to just them. His brilliant ability to craft even the most complex of topics in the simplest form is only surpassed by his depth of musical wisdom and his talent as a musician.
Dr. Joseph McClendon III
Dr. Joseph McClendon IIIPhD/Singer-songwriter
Anthony’s approach to teaching is so different from other instructors, it took a few sessions to realize he is taking me on a path…a path that dissects the instrument and music in a way that allows for a solid knowledge foundation from which I can express my musical voice.
Steve Arnett
Steve ArnettG-ratio Basses
I once heard Anthony say that being the best at something means that you have more tools in your toolbox than other people. By that measure, Anthony is simply the best bass teacher on the planet. His mastery of the craft of playing is part of it, but more importantly Anthony has the ability to pass that information on in a way that any student can understand. He adapts to the needs of all levels of students and like all the great ones, he makes it look easy. If all that wasn’t enough, Anthony is a model for how to bring a keen sense of discipline to your music while still having a lot of fun! I feel privileged to be able to study with Anthony.
Glenn Meier
Glenn MeierBassology Student
When I decided to study the electric bass, I had already been playing and reading music for 30 years on the cello and piano. Nevertheless, I learned more about theory and musicianship from Ant in a few lessons than I had learned in the previous thirty years from other music instructors. He’s really that good.
Melanie LeGoullon
Melanie LeGoullonBassology Student
Taking music lessons from Anthony Wellington is like running a mental marathon. Thank you so much. This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing.
Todd Tawdry Hamby
Todd Tawdry HambyBassology Student
Anthony Wellington belongs to a small club of individuals who are as incredible as teachers as they are musicians. That said, Anthony plays bass for Victor Wooten so it stands to reason that Anthony Wellington is arguably one of the best bass educators in the world, period. His Bassology studies are a treasure trove for a beginner as well as for anyone looking to take their musicianship to the next level.
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Malcolm-Jamal WarnerGrammy Award Winner and Bassology student
“I feel I need to correct what I said about last night’s [Virtual] clinic. I should’ve said I THOUGHT I already knew some stuff you taught us. Been practicing this morning, concentrating on my thumb technique, being efficient with the motion and getting the speed up and consistency between every note. Thank you once more man! Unlocking the secret of the bass universe!!”
Will Davies
Will DaviesProfessional Musician & Bassology Student, Cardiff, Wales
“I’m a dedicated Bassology student, but here’s the funny thing. I play guitar. You might think it’s odd to learn an instrument from someone whose primary instrument is different than yours. However, Bassology isn’t about playing bass, it’s about playing music. Likewise, Anthony isn’t just a great bass player, he’s also a world class musician and a master teacher. Working with Anthony has allowed me to work on my dexterity, refine my technique, increase my knowledge about music and music theory, and play with confidence. He has also helped me to develop a broader view of the various roles my instrument plays in a band. Be warned, however, that playing and practicing alongside Anthony is enough to make even the most dedicated guitar student think about picking up a bass!”
Marc Rivera
Marc RiveraAttorney, Bassology Guitar Student
“Thanks for another outstanding camp. This one hit all the check marks for a perfect experience! I know you know this, but I have to say that I appreciate you as a person, a teacher and most importantly as a friend. Safe travels mon ami!”
Brian Dalton
Brian DaltonNeurosurgeon, Bassology at Sea 2018 & 2019, Bassology Student
“What a great experience this was! Not only the intense learning and unparalleled approach to teaching, but the opportunity to meet so many players from all over the country.”
Brandon Spooner
Brandon SpoonerAttorney, D.J. Phaze, Bassology Around the World FL Keys 2020, Bassology Student
“Every now and then you meet someone who is a life changer. I’ve known who Anthony is for about 8 years. Earlier this year my resolution to myself was to become a decent musician so I finally worked up the nerve and sent Anthony an email about taking lessons. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in 9 months! Anthony pushes me, makes complex concepts simple, encourages me when I’m down on myself, and loves Stevie Wonder and Thin Lizzy as much as I do. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from him however, is to just be a decent human being. This man is completely available and cool to everyone. If you are a musician and want to push yourself and your capabilities, Anthony is the man to see. And the cruise?
Imagine yourself surrounded by wonderful people, delicious food, and gorgeous scenery!
It’s fun! Thanks Anthony and now I gotta go practice! 🙂 ”
Todd Hamby
Todd HambyBassology at Sea 2018 & 2019, Bassology Student
“Anthony is one of the best music teachers I know. He teaches stuff that other teacher don’t even know…I would recommend him to teach anybody!”
Victor Wooten
Victor WootenBassist, 5 Time Grammy Award Winner
“It has been such a pleasure to share a teaching forum with Anthony over the past 10 years. His thoughts and skills as a teacher have further inspired me as I teach!”
Chuck Rainey
Chuck RaineyBassist


How will Bassology at Sea and other Bassology Around the World programs benefit my playing?

A musician’s playing will always benefit from increasing their knowledge base.  Great playing is not about access to notes—it’s about knowledge.  When you buy a Fender electric bass guitar, you get a 20 fret bass with 4 strings for a total of 84 notes and a range of 36 notes.  That’s the exact same quantity of notes that Jaco, James Jamerson, Larry Graham, Marcus Miller and many of our heroes created great music with.  So it’s not the instrument or the notes available on it that make these guys great players—it’s their knowledge base!

It’s always interesting to me that musicians can be so defiant about learning music theory.  The best way to be “defiant” is to be prepared— to be well armed with knowledge. Music is the only profession where people will actually brag about not knowing something. Lord knows I wouldn’t hire a doctor or lawyer who brags about not knowing something in their profession!  I don’t want to have to convince somebody that being better prepared or more knowledgeable is better—a Bassology student will get that intuitively!  Music is both an art and a science. You can’t dismiss either part of it. If you want to be truly great you have to be good at both.

Are Bassology Around the World events and programs only for current Bassology students?

No.  Bassology Around the World events and programs are open to all bass players from any level whether they currently study with me or not, and even whether they are a bass player or not.  I focus my curriculum on music theory and that is applicable to any instrument.  In fact, I would love having musicians on any instrument participate in my events!

Some programs, like Bassology at Sea, will include two lessons before the event to prepare students to get the most out of the program curriculum. 

The most important qualification for Bassology Around the World is to be a serious student.  Bassology is dedicated to the dedicated.

What does my playing level need to be for Bassology Around the World events and clinics?

I make sure I cover topics in a way that will benefit people who are just learning how to play music and the bass guitar and people who have been playing a long time.  I’m not so much concerned about the level of your playing as I am about discipline, because my curriculum is very disciplined.  So an advanced player who is not disciplined will have a hard time with the curriculum but a beginner player who is serious and disciplined will have an easier time.  Bassology is not based on level— it’s based on seriousness and discipline.

How many students do you enroll for each event??

I’ve decided that 22 students is the maximum number of students I will accept because I want any student who wants personal access to me, whether in a group or individually, to have that.  Also, we welcome students to bring a guest on the trips and we want everyone to feel welcome and an equal part of the group.  To me and Tamatha, my Bassology director, having the guests enjoy the trips & events and be a part of the Bassology family is equally as cool as having the students enjoy the trips & events!

When can I start my two private lessons with Anthony that are included in Bassology at Sea?

The smartest thing you can do is schedule your first lesson as soon as you are enrolled!  So the answer is “right away” and I really encourage you to do that.  You want to be as prepared as possible to get the most out of the Bassology curriculum and my lessons are rich with content and take time and dedication to master.  Bassology—dedicated to the dedicated!

What is the cutoff date for scheduling my private lessons that are included in the Bassology Around the World event?

The sooner you get your lessons in, the longer you will have to work on the material before the cruise!  The absolute last date for your second lesson is one month before the trip.

What if I don’t take my pre-event lessons?

A better question is “why would you sell yourself short on the opportunity to be as prepared as possible for something so important to you that you’re willing to devote a week’s vacation to it??”  Seriously,… that IS a good question, right?

Another even better question is “if I don’t want to take my pre-event lessons, am I really a serious student or just someone who wants to go on a trip for the hang?”  And I’ll say this:  if you are just in it for the hang, you’re probably gonna get pretty fidgety at some point in all those hours of master classes!  Honestly?  If you don’t want to take your pre-event lessons, Bassology Around the World probably isn’t for you. 

Do I need to bring my amp?

Nope. In fact, please don’t! All you need to bring is your bass, an instrument cable and a couple of other small items we will tell you about in the Welcome Letter you receive after making your deposit. 

If I have more questions, what’s the best way to get in touch with you?

The best thing to do for Bassology Around the World questions is to email Bassology Director Tamatha Bechtel at  Questions about the trips and travel will be answered by Tamatha.  If there are questions about curriculum, she will let me know and I’ll answer those. But please reach out to her first because my teaching schedule is very busy and I don’t want your questions to fall through the cracks.


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