Anthony Wellington coined his unique approach to music education “Bassology©” and he as been developing and delivering his one-of-a-kind Bassology curriculum since 1995.  The goal of Bassology is to give a musician the skills and knowledge necessary to fully express themselves musically at any time and in any situation.  Bassology is fueled by passion and is based on logic and efficiency, incorporating concepts of music theory, math, grammar, communication, athletics, psychology, philosophy, and common sense.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling

  • Bassology is both an educational institution and a methodology designed to foster the serious study of electric bass guitar and music theory and its application for any instrument.  As such, we are very clear on everyone’s roles, what they do, and what is expected.  Anthony is a teacher and Tamatha is an administrator.  You are a student, not a customer.  Likewise, we are not customer service agents.  
  • Mutual respect and courtesy is well…, mutual.  Anthony always says to students, “I’ll match your 100%.”  The same goes for respect and courtesy.  We are your mirror.  
  • We, and our students, laugh a lot and don’t take ourselves seriously.  We do, however, take our curriculum and its delivery very seriously.
  • We start on time and do not allow late students.  Anthony Wellington lives his life by “on time is late.”  This has been invaluable to his career and success as a performer and a teacher.  It is a value that he aims to instill in every student.
  • We have had a pet pig and a rabbit in class.  No joke.
  • We require video to be on at all times and we will remove you from the meeting if you keep your video off.
  • Anthony has, so far, done two magic tricks in virtual clinics.
  • The Welcome Letter email with the login and password for the clinic will go to the email you use for PayPal.  
  • We are very comfortable with how we do things and know the why, which we may or may not share with you.
  • We have had students join us from every continent except Antartica.
  • We will break up the serious stuff with something a little more lighthearted.  It’s a good teaching technique.  😉
  • We do these virtual clinics because it is a joy for us and many other people.  Killjoys are not welcome.  And we don’t hesitate to permanently un-welcome them.
  • We realize that some of this will be off-putting to some people, and we are ok with that. Bassology isn’t Walmart or State U or Anytown USA High.  We attract a “type” and…,
  • WE LOVE YOU!!  You make us smile, inspire us to keep creating clinics to inspire you, we respect your curious minds, and we can’t wait to see you.

Please email Tamatha at with questions.  We are always happy to hear from you!  Tamatha answers questions so Anthony is free to do what he does best:  teach!  🙂

What other virtual clinics are you offering?

See you soon!