Bassology Around the World
Cuba 2023

February 11 – 19, 2023

Bassology Around the World Cuba 2023 Includes

Bassology Curriculum

anthony wellington

In group and private lessons, Anthony Wellington teaches 21 hours of his world-renowned, results-oriented Bassology curriculum to get you out of a rut and moving towards your goals.   

Anthony explains music theory and its application so that anyone can understand and use it to improve their playing immediately. 

Because music theory is applied the same to every instrument, dedicated and disciplined students on any instrument benefit tremendously from Bassology curriculum.

Topics include soloing, improvising, melody, harmony, rhythmic subdivisions, time signatures, dexterity, and ear training. 

Our small class size of 15 students gives you personal access to one of the most in-demand yet approachable music educators in the world who welcomes, motivates, and challenges players of all levels at the same time.  We love giving a couple of scholarships to Cuban musicians because they add a richness to the experience that is hard to put in words.

Students always leave BATW classes with two invaluable assets:  Bassology methodology that continues to develop your musicianship for a lifetime; and friendships and memories that last a lifetime, too!


Casa Particular

You, and a guest if you like, spend nine days and eight nights in Havana & Trinidad in hand-picked B&B-type accommodations that Cubans call Casa Particular.  

We love Casa Particulars that are preserved and decorated in a traditional Cuban style.  In Havana, that’s Art Deco; in Trinidad, that’s a more traditional Caribbean style.  We find both styles equally beautiful!

Students and their guests enjoy a private bedroom and bathroom and can socialize in common areas.  All bedrooms have air conditioning.  Each room is serviced with fresh linens and basic personal items by the Casa Particular host as needed.

Our Casa Particular choices will accommodate up to four students and guests, and only Bassology Around the World students and guests will be in your house.  

All Casa Particulars are in the same safe and historically rich neighborhood as the classroom, so you can enjoy a walk to class if you want to.

As a “thank you for joining us”, we are including a traditional Cuban breakfast for every student and guest.

Travel Within Cuba


All students and guests enjoy transportation we provide, as needed, for the BATW itinerary:  round trip to and from the airport, round trip to and from Trinidad, and round trip to and from class if you want it.

Sometimes we travel together in an air conditioned Mercedes van.  And sometimes we travel in those restored cars that Havana is famous for!


Shows by top artists

We are treating you to a show by top-tier Havana musicians!  Students and guests can choose between a traditional Las Vegas-style show or a contemporary artist.

This is another Bassology Around the World gift to say “thank you for joining us”! 


Consierge Service

exclusively for BATW

Our travel partner, Shabi, doesn’t just have over ten years of experience taking groups to Cuba. She also has a home, friends, family, and business partnerships that she knows she can count on in Cuba.  She knows the cool hangs, the music hotspots, the good eats, and the great musicians.   

Shabi will make dinner recommendations and reservations for you.  She will arrange transportation whenever you need it outside of the BATW itinerary.  She will make recommendations and arrange excursions for you for a fee.

Welcome Dinners & Daily Breakfast

traditional cuban food

Traveling can work up an appetite!  So we are treating you to a traditional Cuban meal at Anthony Wellington’s Casa Particular on Saturday evening when you arrive in Havana, and on Tuesday evening when you arrive in Trinidad.

And every morning, you are treated to a traditional Cuban breakfast at your Casa Particular– eggs, fruit, fresh juice, bread, and plantains typically make the menu.  And, of course, delicious Cuban coffee!  I’m ready to book a flight right now just for a cup of that coffee!

3 Private
Bassology Lessons

anthony wellington

As if the trip and group classes alone aren’t amazing enough…, Anthony Wellington is giving you three private lessons!   Two lessons are before the trip and one lesson is during the trip.

These private lessons are so valuable to making sure you get the most out of the group classes that we are making them mandatory!  We are so committed to your success that completing your two pre-trip lessons within 60 days of making your deposit is necessary to complete your enrollment.  

Your first lesson is within 30 days of your deposit, and the second lesson is not more than 60 days after your deposit.  That’s how we help Anthony manage his very busy schedule and ensure that every student is prepared intellectually for the trip.

Even if you are already a private Bassology student, you get two pre-trip lessons as part of BATW Cuba 2023.  So you will deduct two lessons from your regular payment.  Good deal, right?

2 Moderated Bassology Virtual Clinic Replays

Tamatha bechtel

Once enrollment is closed, and before we travel to Cuba, Tamatha will moderate two Bassology virtual clinic replays. 

She’s picked two topics that apply to any musician at any skill level and any instrument.  These two topics will help get you prepared to get the most out of Bassology classes while you are in Cuba.  

Anthony taught these clinics virtually in 2021 and they are vital to your success as a musician!

9 days, 8 nights,
2 amazing destinations

A trip to Havana promises experiences intrinsically unlike any other place in the world.

Anthony Wellington says, "Everything I thought I knew about Cuba was 75% wrong. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing places I've been in 30 years of traveling the world!"

Bassology Director and trip organizer, Tamatha Bechtel, puts it this way, "Whatever you think you know about Cuba, just take a big ol' eraser to the white board in your brain-- unless you think it's one of the most art-focused cultures in the world, full of kind and humble people!"


BATW Cuba Waterfront
BATW Cuba Street Musicians
BATW Cuba Car matches door

Havana is stunningly beautiful! That is true for Havana's people, achitecture, music, dancing, cars, sculpture, food, and overall vibe. Simply put, art is everywhere.

For centuries, Cuba has been a center of cultural influence in the Americas.  Known as “the Key to the New World,” the island served as a crossroads for explorers, buccaneers, colonial powers, indigenous people, entertainers, and exiles.

Havana is the capital and chief seaport of this unique country.

Many people, both past and present, have come to Havana because of the city’s distinct pizzazz. Over the centuries, Havana has been a hub of political activity, lawlessness, hospitality, the arts, and ingenuity. 

Old Havana was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.  The city is also noted for its history, culture, architecture and monuments.

Havana is one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the world, and it’s safe to say, is a city photographer’s paradise.  Its building clearly mirror its social and political history, from the Spanish colonial times to the present day.

Havana shares a rich musical history with the rest of Cuba.  Its instruments, performance and dance comprise a large set of unique traditions influenced mostly by west African and European music.  Due to the syncretic nature of its genres, Cuban music is often considered one of the richest and most influential regional musics of the world.

Salsa dancing originated in Cuba and is found everywhere in Havana.  Salsa evolved from earlier dance forms such as Cha Cha and Mambo, which were popular in New York, and incorporated elements of Swing, Hustle, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Caribbean dances such as Guaguanco and Pachanga.

Havana has a rich dance culture that includes Danzon, Mambo, Cha Cha, Bolero, and Ballet in addition to Salsa.

Truly, a trip to Havana promises experiences intrinsically unlike any other place in the world. 


BATW Cuba Trinidad Street
BATW Cuba Jazz Trinidad
BATW Cuba Trinidad horse

Trinidad is Cuba's best preserved Colonial city, a unique blend of 1850's architecture and 1950's automobiles.

Trinidad was one of the first Cuban town founded by the Spanish, with a rich agricultural history specializing in sugar cane, cattle, and tobacco.

Today, Trinidad is a small city with an authentic feel.  One of the best-preserved historic towns in North America, Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trinidad features a superbly preserved colonial hub, nearby beaches, coral reefs, waterfalls, and coffee and plantain plantations.  You can walk down cobblestone streets, listen to live music in the plaza, cool off with fresh sugar cane juice, hop into a horse-drawn carriage, chat with locals, take a dance class, or visit fascinating colonial museums spread about town.

Bassology Around the World
Cuba 2023 Enrollment

Make a deposit below to begin your enrollment in BATW Cuba 2023. Price includes a guest!

The Trip of a Lifetime – Havana & Trinidad, Cuba!

We are delighted to offer you an amazing trip to Cuba– 9 days in two cities with 21 hours of Bassology curriculum and no extra cost for you to bring a guest! And, if you want to extend your visit, you can add days at the beginning or end of your trip!


A guest is included?? Who does that?

Bassology Around the World ALWAYS invites you to bring a guest at no additional cost. You will have to pay for both of your flights, because we do not include airfare in our trips. But accommodations, daily breakfast, a two Welcome Dinners, and a show by a top-tier Cuban artists are provided for you and your guest.
And, you can bring other guests as well for a reasonable fee. You can even add more days to the beginning and end of your trip! Reach out to Bassology Director Tamatha Bechtel at if you would like to know more about adding days or guests.
While you’re taking classes, our private concierge service can help your guest find some cool ways to spend their time– massage, pedicure, beach, cafe, shopping, guided walking tours, historic sites, museums… you name it. Our concierge service can also arrange for transportation.


Speaking of Transportation…

Travel within Cuba for Bassology Around the World itinerary is provided, beginning and ending with your arrival at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your Casa Particular. We will take you from your Casa Particular to our classroom if you want. We will give you round trip transportation to Trinidad in an air-conditioned Mercedes van. And we will provide roundtrip transportation to the show we are treating you to.


What do you mean by “B&B-style” hotel?

The best accommodations in Cuba are called “Casa Particular” which is translated literally as “private house.” What that really means is that you will have a private room with a private bathroom in a house, not a government-run hotel. Your Casa Particular host lovingly prepares breakfast for you every morning. Your room is big enough and comfortable enough for you to chill, but there are also common spaces in the houses where you can relax and socialize.
Cuba has been renting homes since the early 1990s before Airbnb existed. Casa Particulars are very clean and offer warm hospitality.
All lodgings offer the following included in your stay: towels, sheets, air conditioners, private bathrooms per room, a homemade breakfast that is normally eggs, bread, tropical fruit, delicious Cuban coffee and fresh juice.


 What’s the benefit of being on a trip to get 21 hours of Bassology curriculum?
Being in a new place, and experiencing all the sensory stimulations of a new place, like trying new food, seeing different architecture, hearing a different language… these things open your mind! And when your mind is open, new concepts and information can flow in more naturally.
To really absorb the depth of Anthony Wellington’s teaching and Bassology curriculum, you need an open mind. Bassology curriculum is unique, thorough, and multi-layered. Anthony does an extraordinary job teaching you musical concepts step-by-step, and he is exceptionally gifted in challenging both beginners and advanced students at the same time in the same lesson.
I know you know this. But do you “Bassology in Cuba” know this?? Only 15 of you are going to!
What do you mean “only 15 of you are going”?
We are capping the number of students we will take on this trip at 15. Yes, we could take more. But no, we won’t do that.
Because 15 is a comfortable class size where every student can get the attention they deserve. And every guest can get the attention they deserve, too. Fifteen is a magic number where no one gets lost in the shuffle and students are comfortable asking and answering questions.
Could we make more money taking more than 15 students?
Of course we could! But this isn’t about us. It’s about you and your guest enjoying the trip of a lifetime!
I heard a trip to Cuba is expensive. Is it?
We heard the same thing and we are musicians like you, so we simply had to find a way to make this trip affordable for everyone! So here’s how we did it…
  • We have hand-picked accommodations that are beautiful and in a lovely neighborhood while also being affordable.
  • We have core dates that allow for maximum experience with a minimum number of days off of work because you can travel to Cuba on a Saturday and home the following Sunday.
  • You can add days to the beginning or end of our core days. You can customize your trip to your budget.
  • We include one guest at no additional cost so you don’t have to do tricky math or look for the “small print”!
  • We provide breakfast daily for as long as you are in Cuba.
  • We provide a Welcome Dinner when arriving in Havana and again when arriving in Trinidad.
  • We provide a night of entertainment.
  • We provide transportation to and from the airport.
  • We provide transportation to and from class.
  • We provide round trip transportation to Trinidad.
  • We provide private concierge service before the trip and while in Cuba so you can plan activities and meals that aren’t included according to your budget.
Besides making things easy for you, we’ve been able to get group rates with a trusted travel partner who has been taking groups to Cuba for over a decade. To us, peace of mind is invaluable! So this is a win/win for everybody.
Have more questions?
As always, please contact Bassology Director,Tamatha Bechtel, if you have questions. She handles all this stuff so Anthony can do what he does best: teach! Simply email to reach her. Tamatha is always happy to talk to you, so don’t hesitate. We always say that the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!
How do I secure my spot for this trip?

You can make a deposit today to start the enrollment process.


But know this…

As soon as we receive your deposit, Tamatha will reach out to you to schedule your two pre-trip lessons. These lessons are not optional! Yup, that “m” word applies here: MANDATORY! We do this because we absolutely, positively won’t be satisfied that we have done a good job unless we make every effort to prepare you intellectually for the group classes. It’s up to you to do the work; it’s up to us to make sure you get valuable material to work on.

You must take your first pre-trip lesson within 30 days of making your deposit.

You must take your second pre-trip lesson within 60 days of making your deposit.

Your enrollment is not complete until you take both pre-trip lessons within those time frames: 30 days of making your deposit for the first lesson; within 60 days of making your deposit for the second lesson.


What if I don’t take my pre-trip lessons on time?

If you don’t take your pre-trip lessons on time, your enrollment is not complete and we will refund your deposit. And we don’t do “do-overs”! If we refund your deposit because you didn’t take your pre-trip lessons on time, you are not welcome to make another deposit and start the cycle over. Anthony always says “Bassology: dedicated to the dedicated.”

Choose Your Accommodation Style
and Make Your Deposit to Begin Enrollment

BATW Cuba 2023 w/Casa Particulares Standard

US $ 3249 Deposit US $500
  • 9 days, 8 nights, 2 amazing destinations
  • Standard Casa Particulares for student and guest
  • 21 hours Bassology curriculum for one student
  • 2 pre-trip private lessons with Anthony Wellington
  • 2 pre-trip Bassology Virtual Clinic moderated replays
  • 1 Private Bassology lesson with Anthony Wellington in Cuba
  • Welcome Dinner in Havana and Trinidad
  • Daily Breakfast
  • A show by top-tier Cuban artists
  • Round trip transportation to airport, classroom, performances, and Trinidad
  • Private concierge service

BATW Cuba 2023 w/Casa Particulares Upgrade

US $ 3610 Deposit US $600
  • 9 days, 8 nights, 2 amazing destinations
  • Upgrade Casa Particulares for student and guest
  • 21 hours Bassology curriculum for one student
  • 2 pre-trip private lessons with Anthony Wellington
  • 2 pre-trip Bassology Virtual Clinic moderated replays
  • 1 Private Bassology lesson with Anthony Wellington in Cuba
  • Welcome Dinner in Havana and Trinidad
  • Daily Breakfast
  • A show by top-tier Cuban artists
  • Round trip transportation to airport, classroom, performances, and Trinidad
  • Private concierge service

BATW Cuba 2023 w/Casa Particulares Upscale

US $ 4437 Deposit US $700
  • 9 days, 8 nights, 2 amazing destinations
  • Upscale Casa Particulares for student and guest
  • 21 hours Bassology curriculum for one student
  • 2 pre-trip private lessons with Anthony Wellington
  • 2 pre-trip Bassology Virtual Clinic moderated replays
  • 1 Private Bassology lesson with Anthony Wellington in Cuba
  • Welcome Dinners in Havana and Trinidad
  • Daily Breakfast
  • A show by top-tier Cuban artists
  • Round trip transportation to airport, classroom, performances, and Trinidad
  • Private concierge service